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In most countries, legal systems have developed around the original administrative systems and use the cadastre to define the dimensions and location of land parcels described in legal documentation. The cadastre is a fundamental source of data in disputes and lawsuits between landowners.

It usually includes a geometric description of land parcels linked to other records describing the nature of the interests, the ownership or control of those interests, and often the value of the parcel and its improvements.

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Our Cadastre services range from Map Digitization & Geo-referencing, Physical DGPS Surveys, Measurements & Linking of RoR Data, Application Development and so on. SysGlob team can provide end-to-end custom solutions that meet our client's needs. We are leading global provider for high-resolution satellite imagery and provide GIS and cadastral mapping for land records, assessment, and cadastral agencies worldwide. SysGlob is experienced in negotiating custom satellite images within the satellite and client-governed timelines, we work with image data from various reliable sources to procure the desired satellite imagery needed by your industry.

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