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Municipal Planning

The use of medium or high-resolution satellite imagery can support urban developers and land managers to monitor and support decision making for sustainable urban development in dense urban environments with changes that require high-resolution detail gathering strategic planning information pertaining to urban planning and development.

SysGlob provides satellite image data for creating or updating GIS maps and detecting major changes in urban land cover and land use which allows for frequent coverage and overlaying of different time sequences to classify environmentally safe and sustainable areas for the proposed development area.

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Pansharpened vegetation indices can be delivered with a resolution of 30cm, 40cm or 50cm, providing great detail for vegetation and environmental analysis for urban planning and development. The use of medium resolution satellite imagery proved to benefit in the analysis of changes in the vegetation and environment from different years or time periods during the same season which helps to analyze the changes that occurred in the past to making a decision on moving forward with planning and development of urban areas.

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