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SysGlob is well-positioned to be a partner and co-innovator to businesses in their transformation journey, identify new growth opportunities and facilitate their foray into new sectors and markets.

  • How we work


    Before we get started, we need to fully understand your requirement. Do you already have anIT/GIS system or are we starting from scratch? What do you like or not like in your Geospatial process? What are your objectives? Who is your target customer?

  • How we work

    Defining Roles &

    Who is responsible and on what level? Who is our key contact? Do you have a prime decision-maker designated to speak with us? Who will provide the data and the system specifications? Can you create GIS/IT data yourself, or do you prefer our support here?

  • How we work

    Project Estimation

    We respect yourbudget! A clear estimate is vital, so prospects are openly defined. We provide you with an estimate, and we go all-out to remain as on-target as possible. We create clear check-in points with you and discuss the timelines.

  • How we work

    Building Project

    Our team has a decade of experience in Geographic Information System (GIS) where we map features at a variety of scales, from CAD to GIS Conversions to a handful of projects where we designed and developed WebGIS based Applications that had hundreds of tools and lots of custom functionalities.

  • How we work

    The Takeoff!

    The most exciting phase! We can do a “soft takeoff” without much fanfare, or a “hard takeoff” including social media promotion and marketing you have planned, based on your intentions for the WebGIS Application.

  • How we work

    Continuing Services

    It’s not the END! Lot more there in the Story! Your web application is a progressingunit that represents your organization. Whenever your organization changes, your application needs to keep up with the change.